The best travel apps!

Below are the best free travel apps we’ve encountered for Android and Iphone. Give them a try! Do you have a brilliant app which is not listed? Let us know via the contact form!

Navigation  and Transportation

This app is great for offline navigation. Extensive maps can be downloaded on your phone. The maps and app include features like hiking trails,  adding new places, navigation, save your favourite locations and review places.


Google Maps

Google maps is the best option to explore and navigate  if you do have an active internet connection. Now you can also download parts of the maps and store them on your phone for offline usage. What we like most is that Google Maps often can be used for public transportation as well.



Moovit is a great app if you plan to use public transportation. Simply enter the destination and starting point and the app shows which lines to take and how to get to the appropriate stop. Requires an active internet connection.



Blablacar facilitates carpooling. Enter a date and route and the app will show you available rides for your route and date. You can share a ride for a reduced tariff or even for free. In case there is no result for your search, the app can notify you later when a ride is added for this route. Likewise you can add a trip if you are driving yourself.


Uber the well known taxi app, is often a cheaper and safer option than regular taxis. Uber becomes available in a  in a growing number of major cities around the world.  You can register your credit card in the application so you don’t have to carry loads of cash.


The app allows you to quickly search and book a place to sleep. It offers a great selection of hotels, hostels and  bad and breakfasts. The app is more intuitive in comparison to the website and allows you to store booking confirmations, preferences and payment methods.


The couchsurfing app allows you to look for places to sleep for free (great!) with fellow couchsurfers. In addition to that you can  get in touch with other travellers and schedule a hangout.



If you want to learn basics of (almost) any language, Duolingo is great option It is amazing how much you can pick up  of a new language b=by just practicing (or playing a game) a couple minutes a day.


Travel guides


Triposo is a travel guide app that gathers data from different internet sources like Wikivoyage. Triposo saves this information offline. You can you read about your destination, places to visit, currency and the app even includes maps.